3 Miles. 10 Stops. 5 Unique Neighborhoods:

The Ultimate West Side Highway Walk
3 minute read

Let’s walk The West Side Highway. Enjoy the glistening water of the Hudson, feel the Manhattan island breeze, and experience the various neighborhoods along the way as you walk South to North.

Starting At The Bottom

Begin at the bottom tip of Manhattan, in The Battery Park Gardens. Start your walk early in the morning. It will be less crowded and you can take a minute to breathe in the morning air not yet touched by other New Yorkers. Caffeine is crucial today, so grab yourself a matcha or a latte at Inatteso Cafe. Then get moving; the walk must begin.

A Quick Sweat

As you make your way up from The Financial District, past Tribeca, and to The West Village, hit a little morning workout. Stop to shoot some hoops, play a set of tennis on the public courts, or even try a yoga class at Hudson River Park. No better way to kick off this day than getting active.

Time For A Bite

Dip one block off East off the WSH and enjoy a breakfast burrito or a granola bowl at The Elk. This sustainable and aesthetic coffee shop/general store serves some delicious healthy bites. The Elk’s big windows, tiny birch tables, and greenery hanging overhead make for a bright morning scene.

The Little Island

Once you're fueled with food and back on the WSH, check out The Little Island. A creatively architected island spectacle, The Little Island is a fun park to do a lap around and have a quiet moment (if you can make it before the tourists start pouring in).


Dip Inside The Whitney

As you make your way into the Meatpacking District, spend an hour inside The Whitney Art Museum. Focusing particularly on living artists, the Whitney offers an intriguing and thorough look into contemporary American art. Check out Whitney Biennial 2022: Quiet as It’s Kept Apr 6–Sept 5, 2022. Plus, check out the outdoor patio spaces and see how far you have walked from the museum’s rooftop.

Afternoon Sip At The Standard

Speaking of rooftops, it’s early afternoon by now so, naturally, it’s time for a glass of wine with a view. Located just north of Whitney, The Standard Hotel offers a trendy and picturesque rooftop bar, Le Bain. Le Bain is a vibrant social scene and a great spot for slightly overpriced drinks and snacks. Perch here for a while to take in the crowd and the cityscape.

WSH - WINE - 4

Don't Stop Walking Yet

Don’t let the drink slow your roll. Keep moving along the water. You have almost made it to Chelsea now.

WSH - SUN - 3

Pop Around Chelsea

Venture around Chelsea piers, one of the most bustling sites along the Hudson. Be sure to stop inside Chelsea market for a sobering snack and witness the endless eats. Don’t leave without trying Very Fresh Noodles, or at the very least, one of the famous Los Tacos No. 1 tacos. The $4 Adobada taco is worth any line you may face. As you navigate yourself out of this maze of a market, pause to fill a paper bag with fresh spices and buy useless knick knacks.

Evening Is Approaching, Time to Dine

Try Cookshop in Chelsea for dinner. The menu features delicious Italian-American dishes with a very innovative drink menu. The “Spring & Tonic” looks particularly in season. Cookshop has something for everyone, successfully mixing comfort and health. Check out the Cookshop instagram here.

A Sunset Bike

Your legs are sick of walking so hop onto a Citi Bike. Enjoy a leisurely bike ride back down along the water. Let the sunset sky envelop you as the sun slowly sinks into the Hudson.



Do it all, or none; regardless you won’t regret experiencing the West Side Highway. Even if you are just watching the water sway in the breeze or the people buzz by, moments found at the WSH can center you among the chaos of the city.