This Local Coffee Shop Might Have The Best Specialty Drink in Manhattan

1 minute read

One weekday last summer, the WiFi went out in my apartment, and I stumbled upon Amano in my desperate search for a café to work from. While ordering, I learned that it boasts some of the freshest coffee in the city. No, really—their website claims that some blends go from bean to cup in as little as 10 days.

Amano - exterior

The interior is sleek and stunning too: Work from their leather couch, plug your laptop into an outlet-provided back table, or grab a seat against the window for some good ol’ people-watching.

Amano - Interior

If you’re anything like me, you have a small addiction to trying specialty coffee drinks. Amano’s specialty is Rocket Fuel— a unique mix of cold brew, chicory root, Vermont syrup, and oat milk that results in a velvety smooth drink that's rich in flavor without being too sweet. $6.80 for a small might be a splurge, but it helps to remember that in a world of mass-production and machinery, these beans are both harvested and sorted by hand. That effort is reflected in every sip. If you too find yourself stumbling around the intersection of West 4th and Jones St, I can’t recommend a visit enough.

Amano - Coffee in Hand