Blue and Gold Tavern

One of New York’s Oldest Ukrainian-Owned Bars
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If you’re looking for a classic dive bar in the East Village, Blue and Gold Tavern is a lasting relic of the Ukrainian presence within Ukrainian village, family-owned through multiple generations since 1958. The first time I went, I immediately fell in love with the homey atmosphere, affordable drinks and the no-frills attitude of many of the patrons.

Only a 10-minute walk away from the 2nd Avenue F train stop, this is one of the finest hidden gems in the area. Located on East 7th street between 1st and 2nd ave, it’s a mid-sized bar with a decent selection of beers and cocktails. The prices are very reasonable compared to other bars in the area, and the menu above the bar has a cool design with bright colors. The seating consists of a few stools around the bar, including various booths surrounding the dim-lit room. Formerly cash-only, they now accept cards!

Blue and Gold - Bar

Aside from drinks, Blue & Gold has a great pool table, with a consistent group of people usually making their rounds. It’s definitely easier to play during the week when there are less people, as the spot gets very packed on the weekends. There is an old jukebox with many classic tunes available (my personal favorite being the Trainspotting tracklist), and a few TVs if you’re in the mood to watch sports. The staff are usually very down-to-earth and friendly, and you’re likely to meet some interesting characters if you go.

Blue and Gold - Pool table