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11th Street Cafe Has the Best Coffee In the West Village
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11th St. Cafe - HERO IMAGE

Nothing brings to mind the charm of the West Village like sitting on a brownstone-lined block sipping fresh roasted organic coffee and eating a freshly baked french pastry. Or, enjoying a healthy juice and a light salad or sandwich for lunch.

Restaurant culture is an integral part of New York City and the West Village has some of the hardest-to-come-by reservations in town. This neighborhood has changed a lot over the years that 11th St. Café, which opened in the early 2000s, has been in business.

But the Bonsignour family knows how to keep current customers satisfied while also appealing to their base of loyal regulars, many who have lived in this neighborhood their whole lives.

The Bonsignours, who were raised in France, grew up in the restaurant industry. They have been in the NYC restaurant game since they moved to New York when they were eighteen years old. Philip, the head chef, was trained at culinary school in Paris and has spent his life sharing his love of French food and hospitality culture with the West Village.

This family-owned staple is known for coffee, tea, juices, smoothies, pastries, breakfast, and light lunch options. Visit them at 327 W 11th St.

11th St. Cafe - Exterior

11th St. Cafe - Enzo making latte

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