Five Apartment Decor Trends To Get Behind

Make the Most of Your Apartment Space
1 minute read
Hero Image - Danica

NYC living, known for location location location, and very little space in return, has its undeniable perks. But limited square footage doesn't mean you have to sacrifice feeling at home in your apartment. Here are five interior design trends perfect for transforming your space into the Pinterest-worthy oasis you deserve.

1. Gallery Wall

The maximalist era is back and we are loving the revival of this statement wall art. With a gallery wall, you can bring character and dimension to any area of your apartment, using color or B&W imagery to spice up your decor.

Gallery wall - danica

2. Bare Bulb Lighting

This lighting trend elevates your space with a clean finish, as an exposed bulb pulls focus directly to the source of light. The ambiance a naked bulb creates compliments any already existing decor as it appeals to the minimalist and maximalist alike.

3. Peel-able Wallpaper

An easy and renter friendly way to beautify your apartments interior is with peel-able wallpaper. Easily bring life to your bathroom, a splash wall, and even use wall decals for highlighting a living room space or to make a faux headboard. To take this a step further? Transform your floorboards with peel-able tiles.

4. Neon Signs

It’s no wonder everyone’s favorite photo-op is a neon sign. Why not bring that into your home? Find a neon sign to create a unique visual element to give extra funk and character to your walls.

neon sign - Danica

5. Disco Decor

Incorporating a disco ball especially where there is natural light brings a whole new element into your room. Options include potters for plants, sculptures, or a traditional ball to shine up your living space with glitz and glamour.

Disco ball 2 - Danica

Use these trends to personalize your living space and let your individuality soar.