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Spring Guide to NYC
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Charlotte spring post - HERO IMAGE

Spring is by far my favorite season in New York. The sun shines for one day and everyone forgets about the seasonal depression they’re recovering from. The flowers start to bloom, people tan in parks in 60 degree weather and love is in the air. Spring signals rebirth and there’s no better city to experience it in than New York.

In order to take full advantage of the best season of the year, I’ve compiled a list of things to do during the month of May, starting with my favorite hot-girl walk. Stick around and keep reading after for some of the most exciting events happening this month.

Downtown Manhattan Hot Girl Walk

Since I live in Bushwick and sometimes spend my weekends out partying in warehouses until 6am, I tend to start my Sundays around 1pm. And last weekend was no different. Since it was the first sunny day of the year, I decided to get myself out of the house (bright and early of course) and take one of my favorite walks. I start by hopping on the J train and getting off at Bowery. Since I spent the night before depleting my brain cells, I headed for Elizabeth Street Garden in Soho to calmly sit with a coffee and read a book.

Elizabeth St. Garden


There amongst the statues and beautiful flowers, I couldn't help but snag a photo of the influencers in the wild taking advantage of the beautiful scenery.

Next, after inevitably doing more people-watching than reading, I head over to Washington Square Park, downtown’s most vibrant park. From the fashion students mingling with buskers, to live puppet or dance shows, there’s always something going on here that will make you go, “only in New York.” And if I’m going to watch people, I might as well do it in the city’s mecca of people-watching.

WSP vendors and people watching

Of course the park is packed with vendors selling their crafts around the fountain…


People of all ages enjoying a game of chess…


And gorgeous flowers blossoming everywhere you look.

After making a couple laps around the fountain, I headed to the East Village. I was meeting a friend for lunch so I told her to meet me at the dog park in Tompkins Square Park.

Dog park

While I waited for her I was delighted to hear the sounds of the live jazz musicians who often populate the park. Also, the dog park here is the most live in the city. It’s always filled to the brim with the cutest dogs. So if you have the time, grab a bagel from nearby Tompkins Square Bagel and take a seat to watch the pups play.

Williamsburg bridge 1

After catching up with my friend, I headed down Avenue A and back towards Brooklyn. I hopped on a citi bike and rode over the Williamsburg bridge, which, in my opinion, is the best bridge to walk or bike. It’s not crowded with tourists like the Brooklyn Bridge, and it’s pretty easy to bike.

Williamsburg Bridge 2

Finally, I ended at the foot of the Williamsburg Bridge in the one and only Domino Park where life is a movie and people are falling in love.

You can visit any of these parks during the day, but if you’re looking for something to do at night, here are my recommendations for the most fun events and activities happening in the month of May:

Flippers Roller Boogie Palace at Rockefeller Center: April - October

This is the inaugural year for the roller rink at Rockefeller Center. Now, I know this is a little touristy, but come on, rollerblading at a 70s themed rink has the makings of a fun spring afternoon written all over it. You can find tickets here.

Smorgasburg Prospect Park: Sundays from 11-6

New York’s best and most iconic food market is open in Prospect Park on Sundays this summer. Keep an eye out for the Williamsburg location opening in June. Some of the most exciting food vendors from around the city set up here.

Octo Octa at Public Records: Saturday, May 14

Ticket Link:

Octo Octa is a DJ at the top of her game. She’ll be spinning records and obscure samples all night on May 14th at Public Records. Public Records in Gowanus is a venue you’re definitely going to want to check out. While there is a waitlist for this show, if you get there early there should be some tickets at the door. If not, there are a ton of cool DJ’s and events coming through Public Records this month. Check them out.

Patches and Pins Expo: Saturday, May 14th, 12-7 PM

This is a unique event for those of you who like going to flea markets and DIYing your own clothes. At the patches and pins market you’ll be able to find the coolest things to adorn your leather jacket. Check it out here!

Wire Festival at Knockdown Center: Friday, May 20 - Sunday, May 21

Ticket Link:

This festival taking place the whole weekend of May 20th showcases some of the best DJ’s in techno ranging from certified legends to local bushwick favorites. This festival has everything to keep you going until the last set at 6am.