Searching for Gold

5 Underrated and Well-Curated Vintage Shops in NYC
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In the fashion capital of America, shopping is as essential as knowing how to ride the train, yet the idea of finding pieces that are both stylish and unique can be just as overwhelming. These stores have made the headache of thrift shopping into a foolproof task. The hyper-curated, mostly-designer vintage shop is IN and luxury department stores are OUT.

James Veloria : Chinatown, Manhattan

This boutique is hidden on the second floor of a tiny mall under the Manhattan Bridge yet it feels like shopping in your bff’s closet in 1990. Its vivid color-scheme and display of patterns blend with the thoughtfully selected silhouettes to create an ever-playful yet sophisticated collection.

Chickee's Vintage: Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Away from the hustle and bustle of Bedford Avenue, is the low-key aesthetic dream known as Chickee’s Vintage. The shop has a minimalist vibe with elegant staples such as vintage graphic tees, Gucci loafers and Italian slacks for a no-fuss experience.

Tokio 7 : East Village, Manhattan

This long-standing Japanese-owned consignment store with an 8-foot Predator Statue seems to fly under the radar yet carries the best deals on vintage from CDG to Yohji Yamamoto. RUN, don’t walk here.

Lara Koleji: Lower East Side, Manhattan

Easily my favorite shop in the city, it is nestled among the countless galleries of Orchard Street on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. And It fits right in. Here you’ll find an eclectic mix of clothing, books and decor that gives it a sense of perusing your very cool aunt and uncle’s New York Apartment. You’ll find it difficult to not want to take everything home.

Heaven I Stay : Chinatown, Manhattan

You’ll have to make an appointment to visit this brand-new vintage showroom. Started by three 20-something fashion-loving friends, the store is a favorite among influencers and young models alike.