Secret Garden

Oasis of Bed-Stuy
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If you ever need a midday get-away from the chaos of city life, Secret Garden Juice Bar & Tea House can provide just that. This family-owned Black business serves up nutrient-packed juices and vegan delicacies from a wondrous storefront adorning Lewis Avenue in Bed-Stuy.

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One of my favorite things about Secret Garden is how the menu exists as an array of chalkboard signs fastened to their gate, various A-frame stands, and the facade of the business. It feels as if the only way to order certain items would be to first discover them amongst the myriad of decorations and foliage.

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Admittedly, I was a bit overwhelmed and proceeded to ask the young woman at the counter about the local favorites. Upon her recommendation I decided upon a fresh beet and ginger juice alongside a vegan BLT. While I waited for my food I sat down beneath the sidewalk canopy and flipped through the basket of books by my chair. Moments later I was munching on my sandwich and wide awake thanks to the kick from my juice!

This place is a must try for juice fiends and veggie lovers alike. I suggest meeting a friend for a turmeric latte and some coconut chicken stew. Or simply come on by with your book and grab an energizing smoothie like The Little Robin which comes with mango, lime, and purple sea moss. Whatever choice you make, you’re sure to be satiated and at peace at Secret Garden.