Spring in the City

What to Do and Where to Do it When the Seasons (finally) Change
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New York winters are brutal: freezing, windy, slushy, icy, did I mention freezing? So when those first days of Spring hit in April, everyone and their mother and their mother’s mother come outside to play. With so many places to go and things to do, we’ve managed to make a short list of places and attractions to see to start your Spring off on the right foot.

Springtime in New York can bring unpredictable weather, but one thing that’s almost for certain is that there will be at least one day that’s 80 degrees. After sitting inside shivering for five months, I suggest you pop on down to Coney Island and hit the beach and boardwalk. Not only is it a must see destination for anyone who claims to be a New Yorker or aspires to be one, but it’s also just fun. You can eat at the original Nathan’s Hot Dogs and then hit the beach, just wait twenty minutes before swimming (the water will still be freezing by the way).

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Next, if you’re a little behind working on your beach bod, you can start off slowly by walking the iconic Brooklyn Bridge. When the winter winds subside for the season, the Bridge walk is a great way to get some exercise and see the city from a new angle. It’s 1.1 miles end to end and slightly uphill half of the way so bring your walking shoes.

Then there’s Bryant Park. Located right in the heart of the city behind the New York Public Library,(also a must-see while you’re in the area), Bryant Park is a beautiful oasis amongst the hustle and bustle that is New York. Open year round, the Park explodes in the Spring with fragrant and stunning flower arrays. You can enjoy one of the many eateries and food stalls located within the park and needless to say, enjoy your meal outside in the fresh air (finally!).

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The park also hosts myriad activities ranging from juggling classes, to chess tournaments, to Tai Chi lessons. And of course the Park boasts a large beautiful lawn to lounge and relax on.

New York City is nearly endless in its choices of activities and destinations. Hopefully this small list can give you a few activities to help jumpstart your Spring season and enjoy the beautiful weather.