Sunday in Ridgewood

Take a walk in the Queens neighborhood budding with young creative energy
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Ridgewood - Hero image

Let me take you through a leisurely Sunday in Ridgewood!

I start my mornings at Milk and Pull for an iced coffee. Nearby is a new tattoo and piercing shop called Hades Inquisition that sometimes has pop up flash events. I once got a flash tattoo after my morning coffee, so if you’re feeling ambitious head over there for some hot body modifications.

Ridgewood - Image 2 - Milk and Pull exterior

Feeling more wholesome? Head to Topos bookstore and check out their eclectic used book selection. Across the street, I love gift shopping at Stay Forever. They have extra cute candles, plants, journals, and other fun trinkets. I keep walking down Woodward Avenue to thrift at Other People’s Clothes. This is one of my favorite thrift stores because it is super well organized, nicely curated and affordable.

Ridgewood - Image 3 - Topos exterior

Ridgewood - Image 5 - Plant store exterior

Ridgewood - Image 4 - Other People's Clothes

At this point, I’m ready to dig into some delicious and comforting Spanish food at Super Pollo. Super Pollo has the best chicken combos; their juicy rotisserie chicken is extremely addicting.

Ridgewood - Image 6 - Super Pollo exterior

For dessert, I hit up Rudy’s for a slice of Italian rainbow cookie cake. If you like those marzipan rainbow cookies, imagine it in a slice of cake! Rudy’s is a classic Ridgewood gem with an old-school feel.

Ridgewood - Image 5 - Rudy-s exterior

Lastly, you can’t have a Sunday in Ridgewood without dancing at Nowadays, the best local club for underground dance music. Nowadays hosts outdoor dance parties every Sunday called Mister Sunday. The club consists of a huge indoor dance floor as well as a beautiful outdoor space with food, drinks, tables and hammocks to hang out. The sound system is one of the best in the city and if you’re a dance music fan, you gotta check it out!

Ridgewood - Image 1 - Nowadays