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Two NYC Vintage Furniture Gems
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Designing an apartment space that matches your vibe and allows you to mentally escape the city chaos is crucial to New York City living. But it can be a daunting task trying to choose, buy, and fit furniture for your perhaps very tiny, sometimes awkwardly-shaped, probably already catastrophically expensive apartment.

New York City continues to be one of the priciest cities in the U.S. to live in with an average rental cost of $3,436, meaning it can be tough to justify big spending on new furniture.

Thrifted home decor is the way to go to save some cash, give your space some authentic character, ensure that you don’t buy anything too perfect that might get chipped moving up the narrow staircase at your walk-up, and do your part to protect the environment. Vintage furniture will always add character, comfort, and life into your little hermitage.

Here are two local shops with great quality, unique pieces to help you feel at home:

Lazy Sundays Home- Instagram: @lazysundayshome Furnish Green - Instagram: @furnishgreen

Chair, coffee table, set of drawers, and two-tiered desk all from Furnish Green in Hannah's studio apartment in Harlem:

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